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  • Mobile Library

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    The mobile library serving our Permata Bangsa Junior High school students will now be a regular feature visiting the campus. Our students enjoyed sitting under the trees reading from the large selection of fiction books available.

    Our school library already has well over 4,000 books looked after by our full-time librarian. Having the mobile library ensures that our students have access to popular books in Bahasa Indonesia as well.

    Ayo Baca Yuuk !!! 

  • Planning Begins:  Follow my Blog
    7/12/2018 Ms. Kerry aquires a "grounds pass" for her Geneva Dec 9 - 12 trip.
  • 7/12/2018 Principal's Blog
  • GREAT Scholarships 2019 - East Asia

    Ms. Kerry dan Ms. Endang menghadiri Press Conference program beasiswa GREAT dari British Council dan 6 Perguruan tinggi pada tanggal 22 November 2018. Siswa Indonesia baik dari program Nasional maupun Internasional berpeluang besar mendapatkan beasiswa belajar di UK. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi Ms. Endang melalui Edupage.


    Ms. Kerry and Ms. Endang attended the Press Conference of GREAT scholarship program from the British Council and 6 College on November 22, 2018. Indonesia students from both the national and international programs of great scholarship opportunity to study in the UK. For further information please contact Ms. Endang through Edupage.


  • Mr. Amin training Exams Officers in Surabaya this week!

    Selamat kepada Mr. Amin:

    PBS akan berpartisipasi dalam pelatihan Cambridge Exams Officer di Surabaya tanggal 27-28 November 2018.

    Mr. Amin diminta untuk berpartisipasi sebagai pembicara dalam pelatihan Cambridge Exams Officer di Surabaya. Beliau dipilih sebagai salah satu pembicara dalam even yang akan diselenggarakan di IPH School Surabaya, Jl. Kedung Baruk no. 114, Surabaya tersebut.

    PBS Exams Officer and Science Coordinator  Mr. Amin akan berpartisipasi di hari pertama (presentasi) dan hari kedua (simulasi), sesi penyelenggaraan ujian IGCSE dan AS/A Level fase 1 & 2.

    Congratulations Mr. Amin:

    PBS will participate in the training of Cambridge Exams Officers in Surabaya 27-28 date November 2018.

    PBS Exams Officer and Science Coordinator Mr. Amin was asked to participate as a speaker in the Cambridge Exams Officer training in Surabaya. He was selected as one of the speakers in the event which will be held at the IPH School Surabaya JL. Kedung Baruk No. 114, Surabaya.

    Mr. Amin will participate in the first day (presentation) and the second day (simulation), a session of the Organization of exams IGCSE and AS/A Level.

  • British Council - New Directions Conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    New Directions 2018

    22-23 Oktober 2018, Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Konferensi ini ditujukan untuk Spesialis Asesmen Bahasa Inggris yang berhubungan dengan & nbsp; akademia, kebijakan dan pelaksanaan; menunjukkan pendekatan dan penilitian secara lokal, regional dan internasional.

    Tema Konferensi British Council New Direction tahun ini adalah standar dalam sistem pembelajaran.

    Ms Kerry diminta untuk ikut dalam diskusi panel 1; Asesmen di dalam Pendidikan yang memakai media bahasa inggris, Sekolah Permata Bangsa digambarkan sebagai model efektif untuk EMI School (sekolah yang memakai bahasa inggris untuk media pembelajaran dan pengajarannya) menekankan pada pengembangan ketrampilan bahasa murid di dalam dua bahasa yaitu bahasa ibu (bahasa kndonesia) dan juga bahasa inggris.  Bapak Tory dan Ibu Agustin diundang sebagai peserta VIP yang memberikan dukungan ke banyak peserta tentang kepentingan dan strategi yang digunakan untuk menilai bahasa di PBS.

    Sebuah pengalaman yang sangat positif dan kami berharap bisa memberikan dukungan untuk komunitas lokal dan internasional yang ingin menjalankan program EMI (sekolah/program yang memakai media bahasa inggris dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran).


    22-23 October 2018, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The conference provided for English Language Assessment specialists in connection with academia, policy and practice; showcasing innovative approaches and research locally, regionally and internationally.  

    This year's British Council New Directions in English Language and Assessment conference theme was: Standards in Learning Systems.

    Ms. Kerry was asked to join Panal Discussion 1:  Assessment in English Medium Education. Permata Bangsa School was presented as an effective model for EMI schools (English as a medium of instruction) highlighting that we build our students language skills in both mother tongue (Indonesian) as well as English.  

    Mr. Tory and Ms. Agustin were also invited to the conference as VIP attendees who offered support to many particiapants on the importance and strategies used to assess language at PBS.

    It was a very positive experience and we look forward to providing more and more support to local and international communities looking to build EMI programmes.

  • Halloween 2018

    New photos were added to the album Halloween 2018.

    This years Halloween was one of our best yet. Some FANTASTIC costumes and a big thanks to all the parents who donated to the delicious pot luck dinner.

    Congradulations to the winners of best costume and art works !

    Enjoy the album now uploaded to our gallery.


  • Coming 26th of October...

  • Literacy Month

    Today Permata Bangsa along with all other schools in Semarang joined the National Literacy Programme. Students were allowed to read any fiction or non-fiction book of their choosing. Textbooks and especially handphones were not allowed.

    Some students were lucky enough to be able to relax outside with their books under the shady tree.

    It was certainly very quiet and peaceful at the Permata Bangsa for that hour and many students have shown interest in this activity to become more regular.

    Permata Bangsa also has reading time during the "Exercise Break" in the library each day and we have a collection of over 4,000 books. Our library is currently being put online so students will be able to also reserve books and be notified when they are returned.

  • Citraland Expo

    Please be sure to stop by and visit the PBS team currently exhibiting in the Citraland Mall accross from Gelial Supermarket entrance.
    The expo is from Wednesday the 5th to Sunday the 9th. So far lot's of interest for 2019/2020 enrolments. 

  • PBI Welcomes Accreditation Teams for SMP & SMA

    A very busy 1st week at PBI!

    Thank you Mr. Tory and Ms. Indun, Admin & high school teachers for all your hard. The inspectors were very, very happy with our school.

    The inspectors were most impressed with how PBI motivates students academically as well as spiritually. One inspector was reported saying: "I want to teacher in this school!". 

  • Simply the Best!

    Welcom back PBI - 2018-19

    It was a GREAT day for catching up with everyong and planning for another year of success. 


  • Indonesia Tennis Champ !

    Congradulations to Brandon of grade 4 for coming 3rd place in whole of the Indonesian Junior Tenis Competition (Kejuaraan Nasional Tenis Yunior). We're all very proud of you Brandon !

  • PreSchool Shopping Experience

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    Our pre-schoolers visited the Superindo supermarket to learn about the items that are available there including fresh foods and household items. They even had the change to purchase some healthy snacks for themselves. All Permata Bangsa School pre-schoolers were very well behaved and were given a big thank you from the Superindo staff.

  • Gourmet House

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    Permata Bangsa Early Years Master Chefs took to the kitchen like ants at a picnic. Well done kids !

  • World Mathematics Invitational

    Permata Bangsa School is once again proud to be the official host of the World Mathematics Invitational in 2018.

    Students wishing to join can please register at

    Students should be re-registered and assigned their ID badge and classroom by 08:30 on Saturday the  24th of February.

    The organizer, Ms. Tri can be contacted on 024.7464482

    Permata Bangsa School wishes all students the very best of luck and hopes Semarang can bring home the first place !

  • Chinese New Year 2018

    As with each passing year, Permata Bangsa Students embrace the local customs of their classmates and community.
    Permata Bangsa School looks forward to celebrating again Chinese New Year on February the 15th 2018 on our campus.
    Wishing everyone A Happy New Year of the Dog.  GONG XI FA CAI !!

  • Halloween 2017

    A great effort again from our Permata Bangsa Students.
    Some amazing costumes and decorations guys !
    Many thanks to parents supporting PBS with some lovely food
    and special thanks to Massimo group for their support of prizes.
    New photos were added to the album Halloween 2017.

  • Ms Kerry Birthday

    Thank you to Ms Kerry for inviting us to her surprise birthday party. (And of course Mr Bob).

    The staff at Hyatt Regency in Jogjakarta were very helpful and the food was great !

    What a lovely day !

    Happy Birthday Ms Kerry from all of us !

    New photos were added to the album Ms Kery Birthday.




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